That’s a good question. But maybe an even better question would be: Do I need Detox to detoxify? Do you need products to detoxify your body? By what means can you lose weight better?

Honestly: to be healthier and slimmer by detox you do NOT need funds. But you really need a will.The will to change something.

Because: A remedy, a preparation, whether artificial or natural does not change anything. Nothing at all. As long as you do not change your habits as well. Especially your eating habits. To swallow a tablet here and there and continue as before, that’s nice. Not more. Good for the conscience. But we only change reality if we do things differently today than we used to.

This means:

If you really change your diet and eat healthy then you do not need detox products either.

Of course, there are still plenty of good detox remedies that can help your detox go faster, detox you more, you have less hunger, you do not have to run around with a pimple face and headache, because your body just like wildly detoxed. But as I said before: spending money on that only makes sense if you are serious. As long as you do not really want to improve your diet, detoxifying agents make no sense.

How healthy food is? For example, with these delicious detox recipes: Download Detox Recipe Book (Free)

Which diet is healthy

Here are some simple detox rules:

  1. Do not eat animals.Meat is not only hard to digest. It also leads to hyperacidity of your body. As long as you eat meat, you will not detoxify. Because detox means basic nutrition.
  2. Eat basic : Eat lots of fresh vegetables. This helps balance your acid-base balance. ( Free Basic Recipes )
  3. Do not eat sugar . Sweets, croissants and „whole milk“ chocolate are only for one good – the manufacturer. Sugar harms our body. Can even be addictive. Lead to candida.
  4. Do not eat wheat products , more specifically gluten-containing foods: Say the „cheap pasta“ without valuable ingredients that makes you a) fat and b) tired. Take gluten-free pasta, gluten-free noodles, gluten-free bread rolls. Eat quinoa or millet, potatoes – instead of wheat bread and white bread rolls.
  5. Do not drink milk and do not eat yoghurt. Milk can cause cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes. The list of studies is long, the results are sad. Milk is not healthy. Milk is for calves. Just as a human’s breast milk is for a human baby. Milk wraps us up inside.
  6. The more vegetables you eat, the faster you go. Vegetables in all shapes , salads, green smoothies. Vegetables are what makes us healthy. Did you know that the strongest man in Germany is a vegan? Because vegetables are good for our body to digest.
  7. Inform you. For example here: . Do not believe what’s in the mirror or in other tabloid media. Look behind the blab of the lobbyists. And just try it yourself. Your body knows what is good for you. It will detoxify, detoxify, you will become slimmer, more vital – if you delete the harmful foods from your diet.
  8. Make detox. Drink much water. Get your digestion going. Sweat. Move, eg with HITT.

And then, but only then it makes sense to take additional detox means .

Which detox products have helped me successfully and which participants take the online course and the detox plan ? This one: detox means

Greetings from Zurich