This morning my husband once again told me a funny story about the pub visit last night with acquaintances and work colleagues … and as often happens the question of all questions „Aha, you’re vegan?“

Apart from asking where from where all the protein comes (without knowing exactly what you want to do with it and how much you need) is always the same game again: help help – you’re not better than me? „We vegans“ can usually only smile.

What I mean by that? Questions like: “ Aha, your shoes are certainly not made of leather, are they? “ And „what about your belt?“ These are very rewarding questions have been frankly, it shows the uncertainty. Because then you say „Well, the shoes are made of leather“ comes the answer „This is inconsistent.“ and „Well, if I did that right or not at all.“ And then a big relief comes over, because then you do not have to change anything .. the other one does it „not right“.

It’s interesting how many people with a black and white attitude run through life. The idea that life could be colorful, they probably did not come. But for many, it’s easier to say „well, I think that’s inconsistent, so I do not even have to think about it.“

It is the fear that the other person is better than you.

Now a vegan is not better per se than a meat eater. Of course, he is better at animal love, healthy living and healthy eating – in the sense of being better informed and at an advantage. But maybe not in other areas.

It is exciting how quickly some people feel „overreached“ or „attacked“ by the simple fact that another person has decided against animal murder and cruelty to animals and prefers to keep his hair on his head

(Meat eating acidified and so far too many men run today with 30 unsexy with bald head through the area, most of it is just not).

And let’s face it, what could be nicer than a head full of dark, full curls that you can shred ?!

What does that mean for Detox Queens?

After all, we do not eat meat or meat when you’re still on the way … take it easy. Let her talk, run into the void. Or if you feel like provocation (I enjoy it occasionally), then I just say

„I do not want to be a murderer, and I do not want to pay for it.“

and then it is (but I only do with people who I would rather not see … or in which I know they take it with humor, which then would not ask such stupid questions).

Go your way, look at how healthy and beautiful people are (and especially how old they become – without suffering or illness) who live vegan. That’s what’s important.

Whether the colleague is talking stupid things, in 20 years does not matter (which will not be part of your life anyway). If you still look sexy and healthy, that matters.

And with a vegan diet, you definitely are one of the winners … if you eat balanced and do not say „Pasta with tomato sauce every day is vegan too“ … but I think that’s clear … if you are looking for recipe ideas … get my free eBook!

All the best