Warum die meisten Diäten nicht klappen? Weil du deine Ernährung nicht nachhaltig umgestellt hast. Gesunde Tipps zum Abnehmen sind gefragt. Hier diejenigen, die mir geholfen haben 17 kg abzunehmen. Sozusagen einer deiner ersten Schritte zu einer gesünderen Ernährung und einem gesünderen Lifestyle.

Tipps zum Abnehmen: 1. Weniger Alkohol

Was vielen nicht bewusst ist: Alkohol ist eine absolute Kalorien-Bombe! 250 ml Wein enthalten rund 165 Kilokalorien. Ein halber Liter Lagerbier hat 215 Kilokalorien. Das ist genauso viel wie eine halbe Tafel Schokolade.

Alcohol makes you fat. And acidifies your body . Drink as little and as little alcohol as possible. If you are serious about healthy eating. Celebrating is also possible without alcohol. Try it!

Tips for losing weight: 2. Drink a lot of water. But at the right time.

Do not drink (or not much) before eating and not eating.

It dilutes your stomach juices. You make your food worse. It stays in your body longer than necessary and it can form unnecessary slags. That’s bad for losing weight.

And wait 30-60 minutes after your meal for a drink. Pay attention to your body . He signals you when he can use water again. The positive: saves you lunch in the canteen and in the restaurant even money.

3. Do not drink juices or soft drinks

Soft drinks and juices are fattening. A glass of juice contains around 100 kilocalories, a small bottle of cola around 140 kilocalories.

And the fruit juices in the supermarket are in no way healthy. There is only sugar in it. Nothing your body needs. That’s just marketing. If you want juice, make it yourself. Fresh. At home. But even then: there is still plenty of fructose in it.

Drink a lot more water. That’s what your body needs to detoxify and lose weight. At least 2 liters a day. Silent Waters. Without carbonic acid.

Are you full even though you still have food on your plate? Let it lie. I know, we have learned „eat the plate empty“. You do not have to throw it away. Put it in the fridge, for tomorrow.

4. Take the stairs instead of the lift

Move more. You do not have to do extra sports.

But there are so many alternatives that mean little effort: get off the bus one stop earlier. Stairs instead of the lift. Exercise gets your metabolism going . This is important for losing weight.

5. Stop eating when you are full

It sounds easy and is rarely observed: Stop eating when you’re full. Whether in the restaurant or at home: We do not have to eat our plate empty. Keep pausing while eating and listen to yourself.

Are you still hungry? Have you had enough?Does that taste good? If your stomach signals to you that your need for food is actually satisfied, then put the cutlery aside. Finished.

Do not just keep eating because it tastes good or you do not want to leave anything behind! You can also freeze leftovers or reheat them or take them with you in the restaurant.

Do not make yourself a trash can for others: if your children do not eat their plates, you do not have to eat their leftovers. Just give them a few. Then you do not have to throw anything away. Order in the restaurant Kinderportionen and give them a small portion at home. Even if it looks a little on the plate.

Here is a chocolate bar, there a croissant and then later cookies: Many of us eat between the meals such a large amount of calories without registering. This is how losing weight becomes difficult …

6. Do not eat snacks. They make you fat.

Here is a chocolate bar , there a croissant and then later cookies: Many of us eat between the meals such a large amount of calories without registering.

That’s not just too much food and far too many calories . This also prevents the body from properly concentrating on digestion. If the food from lunch is not properly digested and you nachschiebst new food again.

Then your body focuses on the new food. And the old one is bawling away. The digestion then runs very suboptimal. And good digestion is important for a healthy weight loss. If you want to lose weight successfully:

Leave the snacks and snacks away. Eat 3 times a day. Not more.

Tips for losing weight – Remember:

Even with the main meals, do not just eat wild! Take a small portion first . You can still take it.

And do not put the cooking pots on the table. This looks ugly, so uncomfortable and on the other hand, it has the effect that sometimes even a portion more lands on your plate. Although you are full.

If we have to walk into the kitchen first or to the stove, then we eat less . And another trick: smaller plates. On small plates, the same amount is bigger and we are full faster.

Write down for a week every day what and how much of it you eat every day. Sometimes that’s really surprising how much we eat in between. „Without realizing it properly“.

Tips for losing weight: 7. Write a nutritional protocol

Especially at the beginning this is very helpful. Have a block and pen ready or always have it with you on the way. And write down everything you eat right away.

Do not cheat. You would only lie to yourself. Writing down has the effect of disciplining ourselves. Amazing, but works.

Are you ready for healthy eating? Really!?

You will lose weight with a healthy diet. But only if you do it permanently. Otherwise you’re wrong here, frankly. What brings you a diet change :

  • Slimming and slimmer . Detox is important to that.
  • You get your metabolism going . And good digestion needs to lose weight and become healthier
  • You strengthen your immune system .
  • Reduce acne and get a nicer skin.
  • You have more energy and can concentrate better (I love that!)
  • Stop fatigue .
  • This is the opportunity to create new eating habits .

Weight loss course online

Best regards – and see you soon

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