Ravenous appetite is widespread. I recently read that in Germany every third should have an eating disorder – which sounds pretty crazy.

What can you do now with cravings?

  1. Improve your diet by reducing the sugar.
  2. Find the emotions that triggered the cravings.

Why you should eat less sugar, is obvious: Candida. If your body is / are addicted to sugar, then candida will soon gain the upper hand in your gut. And you do not want to, because then you are also seen physically, almost no chance to enforce you against the cravings .

So what is to be done against cravings?

Find a good, vegan anti-candida remedy that is natural – not chemical. In the online nutrition change course , we take a closer look and you get recommendations that are good and how you can combine them.

And reduce bread, pastries, sweets, … because everything that has sugar, ensures that you still want to have more of it (must have). Change your diet step by step, check out the recipes on the website, get the eBook or the cool recipes from recipe books you’ll get in the nutrition change course .

The other point: At least as important – Find the cause on an emotional level

  • In which situations do you always get cravings?
  • What makes you run to the fridge?
  • When do you always have to eat chocolate?

Make a note of everything that comes to mind.

  • All situations that entice you to eat sugar.
  • All the feelings that you need sugar and carbohydrates.
  • And also people in whose presence (or afterwards) you have to run to the candy closet.

And then? Find the common denominator.

If you know what your triggers are, then you can change them. Knowledge or knowledge is always the first step.

If you want, we can solve the cravings together. So far, I have worked successfully with more than 20 women on the subject of hot hunger / frustration / stress eating / binge eating and Co. Because you can change it. The key is in your emotions. And your subconscious … and that’s pretty cool.

If you want to know more, let’s talk: here you can arrange a free Kennelerntermin . All available dates can be viewed right here on the website – and you can reserve your desired date.

All the best