Of course – we often know very well what is healthy. Do not do it. Because we „tricked“ our emotions. We get cravings. And are poorly prepared. So, be prepared:

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 1

Arm yourself against cravings

Ravenous hunger attacks are treacherous. You can destroy your weight loss plan. Suddenly, you make yourself over the candy bar or the chips.

What to do?

  1. Preparation is often everything: do not buy any sweets or unhealthy food in stock.
  2. If you have nothing at home to pacify your cravings – then you will not eat any unhealthy stuff at that moment. Instead, make yourself a big cup of tea quickly.
  3. Drink at least 300-400 ml of water at once. Put on your jacket and go out for a walk. Distraction is important.
  4. If you want to lose weight, eat more vegetables and less bread, pasta and pizza. The more cereals you eat, the greater the likelihood of cravings.
  5. And if your hunger still does not disappear: Nibble fresh carrots. Or an apple. Often we are already satisfied with the chewing sensation.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 2

Eat slowly. Yes, your mother was right.

This applies to all meals. Eat slowly. Kau neat. Then you are full faster. Your food will be better digested.

During eating, your body takes about ten minutes to send a saturation signal. If you are overweight, it takes even longer until your body signals to you „I am full“.

Are you full even though you still have food on your plate? Let it lie. I know, we have learned „eat the plate empty“. You do not have to throw it away. Put it in the fridge, for tomorrow.

Losing weight and detox belong together:

There are foods that prevent you from losing weight. Reduce it step by step.

  • Meat, cheese, milk (any animal protein)
  • White flour
  • Sweets (say sugar, no matter how he disguises himself)
  • Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes (everything that makes you addicted)
  • black or green tea

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 3

Prohibitions do not bring anything. So: Do ​​not ban food

Many who want to lose weight, set up countless bans. As a signal in itself and others. The idea behind it is good: showing sincerity. Set goals. Create a structure.

The problem of prohibitions? We are always very interested in exactly what is forbidden. And if you do not feel like it then the frustration is programmed. And maybe then your weight loss plan is in danger.

Try it differently:

  • Do not ban chocolate or chips.
  • But make it special that you are only once a week.
  • A small portion. On which you rejoice and that you enjoy.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 4

From today, there is no frustration anymore

That’s maybe the only thing you should really forbid. Comfort eating. Frustessen makes you fat and sick. Frustration always leads to obesity.

Instead of frustration, you can try other solutions. Maybe go out with the dog, run a lap around the block. Dancing wildly in the living room and turning up the music very loud. Spontaneously go shopping (fruit shopping is always better than frustration).

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 5

Be patient with yourself.

It’s the hardest job. I can see it again with the participants of my online course on diet change. Impatience. We can do everything. But being patient is hard for us.

Above all be patient with ourselves. With small children we usually have an angelic patience. And with us? There we are so hard. We want results immediately. We do not know mercy. Everything has to be perfect. Honestly? Does it have to be that?

Keep up. Giving yourself time is important for success in losing weight . Our body is reluctant to separate from fat pads. But sooner or later he will do it. The more you move, the better.

One thing you should not do under any circumstances: Radically stop eating.

And certainly not from one day to the next. This will not clear your body. As a result, your body adjusts to a different metabolism. The stupid thing: Definitely no weight loses. And you are even more frustrated. A lot of effort. Zero result. Where is the chocolate?

Healthy Weight Loss Tips: # 6

Separate yourself from wrong ideas

There are no diets that can help you specifically reduce your abdominal or pelvic fat. You will not get slim overnight. You will not get slim in your sleep. Yes it is work.

A conversion. You need a diet change to stay slim permanently. Other eating habits. Healthy food . Healthy food . Losing weight is a holistic process that takes place throughout the body.

What brings me healthy diet? Detox?

With healthy nutrition we can detoxify our body. Become more vital. Lose weight. The advantages:

  • Lose weight and become slimmer . Detox is important to that.
  • You get your metabolism going . And good digestion needs to lose weight and become healthier
  • You strengthen your immune system .
  • Reduce acne and get a nicer skin.
  • You have more energy and can concentrate better (I love that!)
  • Stop fatigue .
  • This is the opportunity to create new eating habits .

Change diet – let’s go:

  • You can learn healthy nutrition . Makes you slim and cleansed.
  • I had 17 kg overweight . Today I weigh 51 kg. And still can occasionally eat chips without gaining weight. Because I regularly detoxify.
  • Are you ready to really change your diet? And to give up your sandwich?

Here’s the diet change: Yes, I want to know more

Best regards – Kati

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