Diet change breakfast – the most important time?

Over breakfast, you can read a thousand-and-one different opinions. Ultimately, only you can know what is healthy for you right now. Here are the detox info you need for your decision.

Diet: Breakfast – what to eat?

If you ask me, this question is not quite the core. I would ask „Breakfast – should I eat something?“. Because in the morning is a great detoxification time for our body.

Until 11 o’clock in the morning your body detoxifies at full speed. That’s like the weekly house cleaning. Like daily brushing. That’s good for your body – if you let it. Because if we eat a huge breakfast in the morning, or greasy croissants, then it was with Detox. Then your body does not detoxify anymore. Then he has to digest.

Diet change: breakfast yes or no

A healthy breakfast is important. When you have breakfast. Because: If you are not hungry in the morning, then you should not eat anything.

Which breakfast is healthy?

Here much different is told. And I can not guarantee that my opinion is right for you. Because: Everyone is different.

What my many researchers have revealed: In the morning is an important time for our body. Especially when we are sick. But even if we want to lose weight. Because: until about 11 o’clock our body detoxifies very strongly. And that is great. Because Detox, detoxify, detoxify – that’s exactly what we need to become healthier.

That’s why you should only eat a light breakfast in the morning. If you are hungry at all. Because if you eat even though you’re not hungry, that’s counterproductive. This is not what a healthy breakfast looks like.

Eat only when you are really hungry. And look first, if you do not confuse this with thirst. It happens often.

And do not eat it out of habit either. Question your actions. Nutritional change + breakfast – this is an important time and you should not burden your stomach in the morning already with „the Supergau“: Muesli with milk and fruit.

Here are more videos on diet change: Breakfast – what I eat?

You’ve probably already noticed that I’m a fan of green smoothies. And they are also ideal for breakfast. After all, you are providing your body with very good nutrients – especially during the time of diet change. Because if we live unhealthy for a long time, our body can no longer properly use the food properly. Say: We eat a lot, but our cells are underserved.

Change diet: change breakfast slowly

Changing the breakfast is often not easy. After all, we do that beautifully over the years. And usually just as we do it now. It takes time to change that. Go step by step. In the online course on diet change, we also change the breakfast gradually. Because it is so important.

It really depends on combining the food in a healthy way. Clever, so they will not hurt you. And so that they burden your digestion only slightly.

Because when you become healthier your digestion is your biggest friend. And jam in the stomach, so to speak, your biggest enemy. Diet, changing breakfast – that’s important and right. But do not worry about it . Because stress hurts you more than that would bring you a „Hau Wub action in the change of your breakfast.

Diet: Breakfast - what is healthy

Do not let me tell you anything. Stories like 5 meals a day are important, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s all nonsense. Everyone is different. And less is usually more.

Healthy food is fun. And is delicious.

And it is important if you want to get well again. Tablets do not make us healthy. Change your eating habits. Do a diet change. Detox. Entschlacke. In the Onlinkurs to the nutrition change I help you thereby:

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Diet change – breakfast:

What are the No Gos for the morning? So what should you not eat for breakfast?

  • Animal protein : why? Because it is a) unhealthy and b) bad to digest and c) your detox phase ends immediately and d) you will probably get a morning hanger afterwards instead of being fit and clear in the head.
  • Weissmehl (as croissants, rolls and such a junk, makes only thick. Contains gluten, which is very unhealthy and is not very plump as a healthy start to the day).
  • Coffee . Well, he does not fat, but he is not healthy. How about slowly drinking less of it?

I know: for many, the breakfast is sacred.

And sometimes I experience quite scary things in my detox coaching. And then again the old rule applies:

If you do not change anything, nothing changes.

Diet change: Breakfast – from my coaching practice

A few days ago I had a detox client who has been trying to lose weight for years.

She has been eating quite well. Even if she has eaten a lot of animal protein – a lot of wiener and meat and yogurt. But that was not even the sticking point. Because if you just want to be slim, it works with animal protein (even if you look better, not so „puffy“ – sorry I can not think of the German word).

So, what was her „mistake“?

Because her husband always starts the working day extremely early, she gets up at 4 o’clock. Every day, Monday through Friday. And make him breakfast. And they eat their breakfast at 4:30 in the morning. Actually, I call that honor at night.

The problem: Even if you do this for years – does not mean that the body can digest the food well at this time. Especially not if it’s a wholemeal bread with ham and cheese. Anyway – in time the body is rarely ready for breakfast. And if you just do not lose weight or become healthier you have to question your favorite habits.

So you want a diet change? Breakfast is important. But do it right.

  • Are you hungry?
  • Or are you thirsty?
  • Is your current breakfast good to digest?
  • What could you eat that is easier to digest?
  • What do you feel like in the morning?
  • And is that what you eat out of habit?
  • Are you ready to change your breakfast habits?
  • Do you really want to make a diet change?

Only when you have decided correctly to change something, it will be easier for you.

It is important to question old habits. And also to experiment with the new breakfast options. You will find a new darling for your breakfast. It is always a matter of time – because a good nutritional presentation takes time. Start with many small steps. Watch the videos and go:  Detox Your Life YouTube Channel.

With my diet change , I have recovered. And I lost 17kg. All I wanted to do was get well. You can too.

Diet change and weight loss:

  • You can learn healthy nutrition . Makes you slim and cleansed.
  • I had 17 kg overweight . Today I weigh 51 kg. I was very ill. The diet change has made me healthy.
  • Are you ready to really change your diet? And to give up your sandwich?

Take a look at the online course: changing diet and losing weight .

Best regards

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