For a fulfilled relationship. Deepened heart-to-heart connection. Trust and passion for each other. 

ThetaHealing® Weltenbeziehungen Kurs I World Relations Seminar

For a happy relationship

In this class you will resolve all issues around relationships, love and being close to someone. For a fulfilled relationship. For a happy relationship, without the fear of being vulnerable,  without the fear of getting hurt. 

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The ThetaHealing class to improve your relationship:

Learn the Theta-tipps for a renewed and intensified relationship with your partner.

  • Discover how your family and ancestors influence your relationship today. You cannot believe, how many beliefs you took on from your ancestors…that means not only the ones from your Mum and Dad.
  • We will test many beliefs from your ancestors, like your grandma, grandpa…so you can clean up all these old stories, so you are ready for a fulfilled and happy relationship.
  • Find out which rules make sense to apply within a relationship…and why unconditional love is not wise.
  • Are you able to open up to your partner 100% ? Or do you keep some small safety-buffer to protect you from getting hurt…how about to love and trust your partner 100%? Without any fear? Would it not be wonderful…
  • Learn more about the male and female energy inside of you – and within your relationship.
  • How are you both dealing with money? What does it say about your relationship?
  • Discover the real influence of children in a relationship and how you can keep the fire within your relationship even if you have children.
  • Yeees, we talk about sex. Because it is a very important part of the relationship. The more you live your own sexuality with your partner, the more connected you feel.
  • Communication on the same level…and why we sometimes change the roles…
  • Do you consider to walk away? Wait a bit. Look at your issues and beliefs and then you can decide. We look at the reasons.
  • Are you really able to commit? The fear of commitment can be huge. Bigger than we would admit. And it can block out happiness and deep love. But like every other fear: You can get over it. I show you how.

Growing Your Relationship Class

Theta Healing Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper class

2 days
10am – 5pm