ThetaHealing Disease and Disorders

10 days – in a luxury villa – in Cala Ratjada – surrounded by beautiful beaches

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ThetaHealing class by the sea

10 days ThetaHealing Retreat

The ThetaHealing® Disease and Disorder class in Mallorca. For everyone who wants to be a successful healer. For everyone who wants to resolve their own health issues in depth.

Exclusive surroundings. Lunch break by the private pool. Spacious class-area. Pure luxury.

THETA HEALING Disease and Disorder class

For medical professionals: To be able to help people with disease better, it is important to be free of fear from disease and to reslease old resentment from the DNA.

Understand the pattern behind a disease

The Theta Healing Disease and Disorder Class is for advanced healer. It is the continuation of the Intuitive Anatomy class. For everyone who would like to heal more efficiently, to heal themselves or are working as medical professionals.

On every single day of the 10 class days, we will deal with our individual blockages regarding disease and release them. The aim: Being non-judgemental towards disease. So you can work with a patient with cancer in the same way like you would work with a person who has a cold. Only if you belief that is its possible to heal every disease, you will be able to permanently witness a healing with ease.

Your Benefits:

  • Kati Mekler is holder of ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science and gave more than 2’080 ThetaHealing coachings.
  • Kati Mekler instructed more than 200 students in ThetaHealing last year.
  • Kati is coaching celebrities, athletes, CEOs and ThetaHealer. Learn from her.
  • Kati knows how to set up a healing-business. In her classes, she also shares this knowledge.

Learn how to witness spontanous healing and how you can ask creator to show you in detail. You will be surprised how detailed you can witness a healing inside the body. Discover how a disease or illness looks inside of a body and how to heal them.

Learn how you can heal tand change the genetics of a person...we will talk about predisposition for disease, old genetic resentment and anger about disease and everything thath could block you from working with sick people or with yourself.

Are you ready for 10 days of adventure? The adventure of the body. The adventure of your DNA. The adventure of healing, spontanous healing and magical changes?

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