Our DNA engraves us. The experiences of our ancestors engrave us. They can be bane or a blessing. At the same time it is full of potential. The key for us to live our full power.

ThetaHealing® Weltenbeziehungen Kurs I World Relations Seminar

ThetaHealing World Relations Class

The World Relations class is a powerful class, in which you will discover yourself in depth. Live the power of your DNA - and to change what you want to change.  You will experience a deep transformation in your behavior and your relationships.

Our DNA engraves us. The experiences of our ancestors are saved deep in our DNA. Were they business people? Slaves? Healer? Our DNA is a pool of possibilities. What did your ancestors believe about money, love and relationships? And how does it influence you today?


The World Relations Class is a powerful class, to let go of inner and outer conflicts with yourself and others. You will experience a wonderful healing transformation in your behavior and your feelings.

In the ThetaHealing World Relations class, we will search for and resolve prejudice against yourself and others, which are hidden in your DNA. Prejudice against other people, countries, religions, nations - that reach far more back than centuries.

A lot of it comes from the genetics - that means it is not from you, but a part of you through your DNA. You will be surprised what is hidden in your DNA.

When I attended the class for the first time, I suddenly got bookings from customer groups I never worked with before. Yes: We have many unconscious prejudice against certain professional groups, like lawyers, doctors or officials.

The ThetaHealing® World Relations class will enable you to accept people and cultures around the world - and therefore you are able to feel comfortable on every place on this planet.

When you release all resentment, anger, hate and all the disappointments of your ancestors from your system, it will be so much more easy for you to deal with other people, accept them and see them for what they really are: Unique. Wonderful. Vulnerable. Loving. Special. Valuable.

Like you experienced it in the Intuitive Anatomy Seminar, now you will allow yourself to make a quantum leap into your own being, by changing of negative beliefs and feelings of your ancestors. For more harmony within yourself. More i tune with your environment. More ease by being you.

Host Kati at Your Place >>Organise 5 people and you get the class for free.
Theta Healing Weltenbeziehungen - ThetaHealing World Relations Zürich Kati Mekler

The ThetaHealing World Relations Class: Deep healing an letting go. Wonderful.

  • Are you looking for more inner (and outer) freedom? Discover which nationalities, character-traits and professional groups are hidden in your DNA. And activate their potential.
  • Are you sometimes jealous of rich people, beautiful ones, intelligent people,...? Find out, where it is really coming from and what your soul wants to learn from it. In reality we can be anything. Our life is based on our own decision.
  • Find out who your ancestors were resentful with, from who they were scared of and what was actually going on. Dive into the world of your ancestors. And resolve their drama. For more freedom,harmony and success today.
  • Resolve the issues of your DNA and get into your own personal flow.
  • Let go of hidden prejudice against people that are different: Different by look, in their attitudes, in their core values, in their professions, in their affections, in their customs and habits. That will make you automatically more successful, because what we believe and feel, we emit and others can feel it. Subconsciously. And if your DNA rejects certain people then you limit yourself in your profession and financially. We end this chapter now. Live your success on all levels..
  • We will work on your beliefs (the ones from you and your ancestors) about nations, countries, ethnic groups, cultures, religions and institutions like finance office, police, der Polizei, tax office, bankers and doctors. De-Stress Your Life. If wethe true reason behind our behavior, we can lovingly let go of it and change it.
  • The results: More ease, more self-acceptance, more understanding with each other. Yes: The big goal of this class is to bring more freedom into this world. At the same time we benefit in our private and professional life from the releasing of beliefs and behavioral patterns.

The ThetaHealing World Relations class is a powerful class to resolve inner and outer conflicts.  Since we work on issues, which are unconscious to us at the moment (because they are deeply hidden within our DNA), we will realize later after the class, the massive impact it will have on our life.

As an example: I had 30% more clients afterwards. I was booked for talks and invited by wealthy people to do exclusive ThetaHealing classes (2-4 people at amazing places)... This is the magic of the class, which will unfold afterwards.

World Relations Class


ThetaHealing® Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper

5 days

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will receive the official ThetaHealing RHYTHM book in english and the official certificate of Vianna Stibals ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.

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Host Kati at Your Place >>Organise 5 people and you get the class for free.