Would you like to know how to attract your divine compatible soul mate?

ThetaHealing Seelenpartner Seminar Zürich Schweiz Soulmate Kurs

ThetaHealing Soul Mate Class

2 days

One of the keys to living a divine life is to experience and have true love. Inside of our hearts, we all have a calling to connect with someone who completes us and someone to share life with.  The Soul Mate class is designed to help you find and recognise your most compatible soul mate or bring more love to your existing relationship.

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Those two class days are going to be all about you, your soul mate and your love relationship. 

The ThetaHealing Soulmate class is all about love, as fulfilling relationship and also about your sexuality.

You will be releasing any negative subconscious programs which hold you back from truly having love in your life.

A full program of meditations, manifesting, downloads, belief work plus the secrets of how keep the spark of love lasting.

Many of us would like to have a happy relationship, but the wish to have a compatible partner often brings unnecessary pain, unfulfilled desires and compromises. It doesn't have to be like this.

We clear subconscious blockages, which are holding you back from receiving and giving real and deep love.

It doesn't matter, if you want to attract a compatible soul mate or if you want to live a fulfilling and intimate relationship with your current partner: 

Allow yourself to take a deep look into your soul. Heal what needs to be healed. Change what can be changed. For the ultimate quantum leap to love!


Learn to love yourself. A wonderful relationship towards yourself creates the foundation for a fulfilling relationship. Let's manifest your soulmate and sprinkle some glitter around your relationship. 

  • How to manifest for a new soul mate
  • Toning with Heart Song to open your heart to more love
  • Special Heart Meditations to access deeper states of love
  • Learn to hold a higher vibration to magnetise a greater love for yourself and your soul mate
  • Discover if you have the monogamy gene
  • Empowering belief “downloads” about relationships, sex, marriage, been a spiritual and sexual being, and much more…
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Soul Mate Class


ThetaHealing Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper

2 days
10am - 5pm

CHF 530.– I € 449.-

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will receive an official class manual and the official certificate of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

ThetaHealing Soulmate Class

What we will do in this class:

  • what is a soul mate: the myth of romantic love
  • how to live a fulfilling relationship
  • what is the difference between a soulmate, soul family and a twin-flame
  • how to manifest a new soulmate
  • how to pep up your current relationship
  • how to open your crown- and heart-chakra to receive more love
  • deep belief-work - you will transform unconscious beliefs and traumata
  • how to facilitate energetic divorce with past lovers
  • how you can resolve promises, oaths, vows etc from past lives
  • powerful „downloads“ for relationships, marriage, sexuality and spirituality


  • Petra

    Reply Reply 12. März 2018

    Kati gave us a lot of practical examples to lead us trough the class. I liked that she thought us all the knowledge in a pleasant and calm way. Thank you!

    PS: Kati answered all of our questions.

  • Martina

    Reply Reply 12. März 2018

    This class, was like all of the previous classes with you just amazing. Thank you that I was able to work on myself. It felt so good and gave me a lot of trust in myself.

    I enjoyed the small group and the family atmosphere and it was perfect for the soulmate-theme. You held a good vibe in the class, it was calm and pleasant and gave a lot of new insights. I will come back! 🙂

  • Marisa

    Reply Reply 12. März 2018

    Dear Kati

    I «fly» – I am so happy and stunned that I was led to you – What I was allowed to experience is of so much value for me – absolutely wonderful and I feel this experience as my biggest gift for life (next to the soul mate of course).

    You are just amazing.

    Big hug and I hope we see us again.

  • Corinne

    Reply Reply 12. März 2018

    I liked the class a lot. It is fascinating how you pass on your knowledge to your students. It is obvious that you intensely dealt with the topic of manifestation. I believe you have a huge potential and an amazing path in front of you.

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