Live in alignment with your body. Love your body. It is your home. Resolve unhealthy eating habits, lack of motivation for exercise and let go of self-sabotage programs. 

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ThetaHealing Rhythm Class

This class is about so much more than your ideal weight or desired weight. It is about finding the right rhythm in life.  Find out why you don't like physical exercise, why you eat a certain why - and change it.

Learn to love all about you AND your body. Learn to appreciate it for everything that it shows and tells you.  Discover how a (missing) relationship is connected to your body shape, how your family impacts your body-feeling and how you can love yourself exactly as you are.


Do you live your life according to your own rhythm? Are you happy with what is? Or are you your strictest critic? And do you reflect this on to your body?

It is always related to something deeper, if we eat unhealthy food. It also has a reason if we don't like to exercise. Also if we are always rushing for our desired body shape - there is always a reason.

And often it is related to self-love.

If we don't love ourself as we are, we won't be able to be fully happy.

The ThetaHealing RHYTHM class will help you to release any resentment towards yourself, any amour towards others (fear of getting hurt) and helps you to find any family-patterns related to your body-feeling, your charisma, your body-shape and your eating habits.

Are you feeling worthy enough to take breaks? Do you take time for yourself? Work less and enjoy more time in nature? Do you take time for yoga-classes, meditation, running or is there always something else that is more important? Do you compensate stress with chocolate, sweets or nuts? Does your current body-shape holds you back from finding your partner of choice? Do you believe you lack discipline? Let's have a closer look together.

We look at it. And resolve it with love.

Every pattern which you acquired in your life, serves a purpose. If we find the purpose, which was created by your subconscious, we are able to transform the pattern in a loving way.

Come on a journey towards yourself. Towards your truth. Towards your love. Your beauty. Your true self. You are much more beautiful than you are able to see now.  

With love

What you will learn in the ThetaHealing® Rhythm Class:

  • This is not a class with focus on weight loss. It is about discovery and transformation of beliefs around weight, shape and beauty. To be more happy and content.
  • It is all about you feeling good in your own body to find inner peace and happiness.
  • Learn to love yourself. Love your body. And change your charisma.
  • Break unhealthy eating habits: Discover the real reasons behind binge eating, comfort-eating and ravenous appetite.
  • Find out how your family can influence your weight and what that means in regards to your subconscious mind.
  • Does your body-shape hold you back from finding your soulmate? Or did you put on weight since you are in a relationship? Resolve the underlying pattern.
  • Are you not into sports? Or is it difficult to motivate yourself to work-out?
  • Are you too busy to exercise, relax, yoga or meditation? Are you putting yourself always last? Now it is time to change this...
  • Discover a new YOU. Learn to love yourself from the inside out. Exactly as you are. Discover your true beauty.
  • Do you have the gene for obesity? What is the truth behind it?

The ThetaHealing® Rhythm Class is a practical class. We will work a lot on your issues, test and change beliefs and transform behavioral pattern.

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Rhythm Class


ThetaHealing® Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper

1 or 2 days (2 days recommended)

In your area

CHF 530.– I € 449.-
including all materials used in the class

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will receive the official ThetaHealing RHYTHM book in english and the official certificate of Vianna Stibals ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.

3 Antworten zu “EN ThetaHealing Rhythm: For your Perfect Weight – Theta Healing Rhythm”

  1. Dear Kati

    Again THANK YOU so much for this awesome class last weekend. You are really brilliant.
    When you put your hand on my body, I could feel the heat everywhere. Your energy was really strong. The root-chakra opened like a flower within me. The feeling was unbelievable.

  2. Dear Kati
    Thank you so much for this deep-reaching RHYTHM class. It was awesome. I liked that you led the class with your intuition and feelings.

    It was easy to follow, understandable and simple. I also had the feeling that everything got attention which was triggered in all of us. I give thumbs up.

  3. I met Kati during the Rhythm course and was directly amazed with the deepness of her teaching, the passion and unconditional love I felt.

    She was able to trigger us and solve our deepest limiting beliefs. She enables us to release them with support, extreme caring and love.

    She is definitely an angel for all of us.

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Invite Kati to teach the class at your place >>Organise 5 People at Your Place and you get the Class for Free