This new class is teached by Vianna beginning of 2018 and will help you to deepen your relationship with creator. For a clear communication and to work faster with more ease. 

Theta Healing Growing your Relationship with God - Schöpferbeziehung Kati Mekler

Improve your communication with creator

This is the new class: Growing your relationship with god. The class will lead you to a communication with creator on a completely new level. 

Improve your relationship with god and learn how to work more easy with the energy of creation. 

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Theta Healing Class: Growing Your Relationship with God

  • Find out how good your connection already is and learn how you can deepen your connection to god.
  • Is it easy for you to receive messages clearly?
  • Are you able to distinguish your ego from the voice of creator? Or are you uncertain, if you are communicating with god or your own ego?
  • Are you able to trust the creator 100% ? Do you feel supported, safe and accepted?
  • Or maybe god doesn't even talk to you? Does your communication sometimes get stuck?
  • Find out what is blocking you from a clear communication and resolve them with love and ease.
  • Improve your relationship to the creator and get better results for yourself and your clients. Discover a completely new level while working in Theta.

Theta Healing Class: Growing Your Relationship with God


Theta Healing Basic + Advanced

Saturday - Sunday
10am – 5pm

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