Discover and live your full potential. Connect  your heart & mind. The power of creation & life-purpose. Are you ready for the 7 steps for a life in abundance: 

ThetaHealing Game of Life Seminar Zürich Kati Mekler - Theta Healing Spiel des Lebens

ThetaHealing Game of Life Class

3-days class

Get ready for your personal success. Learn how to listen to your own creational power within and live it. Are you ready for the game of your life?

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During those 3 days everything is going to be about success. Many profound downloads, healing beliefs and a deeper understanding of your success-patterns. 

When the class Game of Life was created, Viannas company grew for 1/3. Hiro (the creator of the class 'Game Of Life'), who is representing ThetaHealing® in Japan, was able to achieve a growth  of 900% for his organization within 2 years and made Thetahealing®  to one of the most popular healing modalities in Japan.

  • Free yourself from family-patterns, family-obligations and (self) initiated roles, which are holding you back from being successful.
  • Ultimately resolve past failures . Take the learning experience and let them go. So you can live the success that was assigned to you.
  • Let go of peer-pressure and competitiveness. There is more than enough for everyone, learn how too root this feeling deep inside of you.
  • Allow your business to flourish and see it grow in a wonderful way.
  • Manifest your business in a powerful way.
  • Discover the borders of your comfort-zone and learn how to extend them step by step. To grow. Spread your wings. And fly.

Live your mission. And be successful with it.

Created for more success in your self-employment or in your business. Live on the road to success. More clients. More business tasks. More success. More content. 

  • You will get practical tipps for focused belief-work. For fast results
  • Free yourself from parental obligations.
  • Learn how to free yourself from peer-pressure and competitiveness.
  • Discover how you can run your business and feel accepted by society.
  • Get ready for your success: Vision, manifestation, release of blockages.

The Game of Life class is all about freeing yourself. Your self-determination. Your path of life.  Discover how you can live your personal success. Free from old family-pattern. Free from competitiveness. Free from the fear of envy. Learn how to love in abundance. And live your dreams. Be the most beautiful you. And learn how to celebrate your success.

Testimonials of Kati's students:

Again this class was very helpful and Kati is teaching us all with ease in a compassionate way.  With her humorous attitude she shows us the right way.  Thank you. <3

Jessica, Theta Vibes

In her classes, Kati creates an open atmosphere, which is full of trust and makes the deep healing work possible and pleasant.  The infrastructure is brilliant and the class is full of enjoyable activities. Big complement to Kati and THANK YOU!

Regina, Zürich

Thank you so much for this class. With you it was so easy and energy boosting, electrifying, empowering. Thank you for your casual, authentic and sincere teachings. Thank you for being part of this cool journey.


ThetaHealing Game of Life Class

ThetaHealing Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper Class

3 days, 10am - 5pm

In your area
Organize 10 participants and you will get the class for free. And we will teach the class in your area.

Price: CHF 650.– I € 557.-
including all material used in the class

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will get the official class manual and the official certificate of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

ThetaHealing Game of Life Seminar Zürich Kati Mekler
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