Awaken your own creative power. Use the power of your sacred name. Learn how to change the structure of water. Activate your 3 eternal molecules. 

ThetaHealing DNA3 Seminar mit Kati Mekler - Theta Healing

ThetaHealing DNA 3 class


The pure unfolding of your true potential: Learn to change the structure of water. Learn how to move things. Learn to use your full creative power.

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Within these 5 days you will reach the next level of ThetaHealing. Become even more intuitive. Learn how to create from a higher level. Discover how much potential lyes within you. 

  • Activate and harmonize your 3 eternal molecules. This is the magical way of how to see and resolve your issues in a loving way.
  • Release the fear of your full potential, your inner strenght and the power within you.
  • Become one with creation and facilitate healing even more powerful and energizing.
  • Discover which law you resonate the most with - and how you can use the laws more efficiently.
  • Learn how to change the taste of water and therefore the structure of water. To change the water, becomes more important - that is why we enhance your intuitive abilities to be able to do it.
  • Telekinesis: Learn how to move a pen, allow tissues to fly. Discover a new consciousness.
  • Learn to create and shape your future consciously. Learn to bend the law of time.
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ThetaHealing DNA 3 class

ThetaHealing Basic, Advanced and Dig Deeper

Dates & Location: 
15.06. - 19.06. - Mallorca, Theta Flow Villa in Cala Ratjada
16.09. - 20.09. - Mallorca, Cala Ratjada

Always from 10am - 5pm

Price:  CHF 1'390.- I € 1'190.-

Deposit CHF 300.- (€ 290.-). The residual amount needs to be paid 4 weeks before the class starts.

ThetaHealing® Certificate & book:
You will receive the official class workbook and the official certificate of the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

ThetaHealing DNA3 Seminar mit Kati Mekler - Theta Healing
15.06. - 19.06. Mallorca >>

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