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ThetaHealing Grabe Tiefer Seminar Zürich - Theta Healing Kati Mekler
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In this class, we will improve your digging skills. This means: We will work on your connection to creator to ask questions to yourself and your clients.

We take a closer look at the different ThetaHealing® methods of asking questions and apply them directly in practice sessions. The class focuses on the practical aspects and bares a high level for your personal development.

The more you are able to lead your partner trough the session, the easier and faster you will lead them to their core-beliefs to resolve them for them. The so called ''digging''  is also called ,belief-work' and is the most important tool for us in ThetaHealing®.

A successful digging process is based on the art of asking the right questions, which lead the client deeper and deeper into their subconscious to help surface underlying limiting beliefs, emotional blockages and instinctive patterns. Many of us have blockages, which hold them back from working effectively or are confused about how to use the digging to lead their partners.

We practice the digging intensively, you become more sincere in understanding the creator and help you to trust more into your intuitive abilities and your digging technique. You will learn  how to connect different structures of questioning with your intuition. The more you use and internalize this formal structure, the easier you can apply your intuitive abilities.

During the  Basic- and Advanced class the tools for digging are thought, but those tools have to be used and practiced intensely to use ThetaHealing® in the most efficient way. Digging is an essential part of  every ThetaHealing® session. The better you are able to lead your partner to their core-beliefs, the more successful you will be with ThetaHealing® .

What you will learn during the ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Class in Zurich:

  • Learn how to dig. This means: Learn how to ask the right questions.
  • Learn also how to identify the deep, unconscious thoughts and beliefs which block you and others.
  • You will learn techniques, which you need to find your partners core-beliefs easily and effortlessly through the use of key-belief .
  • Only by finding the root of the problem successfully, you will know how to change the core-beliefs. In case you are not able to find the core-belief, the beliefs can re-create themselves. So: Find the origin of the problem.

The ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Class in Zurich is a practical seminar, you will be able to resolve a lot of your issues.

Host Kati at Your Place >>Organise 5 People at Your Place and get the Class for Free

ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Class

Basic- and Advanced Class

Date and times:
10am - 5pm



CHF 530.–   I  € 449.-
including all materials used during class

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will receive a class manual in english and an official certificate of Vianna Stibals ThetaHealing® Institute of Knowledge.

4 Antworten zu “EN ThetaHealing Digging Class I Theta Healing Dig Deeper”

  1. Thank you so much for the inspiring and motivating class.

    Kati leads her classes in a very compassionate way. Her practical competence is really extraordinary. I can recommend her classes fully.

    CleliaReply Reply

    I feel that you explain very well and in a comprehensive way. I felt very well and held. I also liked your sympathetic and non-judgmental manner.

  2. Dear Kati, thank you so much for this wonderful class.

    All the information and understanding around the digging-process, which you gave us with so much ease and joy are really valuable.

    Thank you!

  3. Kati mediates with compassion, competence and enjoyable.

    She explains in a very comprehensive way.

    Finally I got a structure and clear understanding for how to follow trough my sessions.

    And also I got back the motivation to proceed with Theta-Healing zu arbeiten.Thank you so much Kati!

  4. I am grateful that I booked the class with Kati – she is completely authentic when she talks about personal realization, health and successful businesses and it is really obvious that she lives it day by day. It is nice and helpful to learn from somebody like her.

    I experienced Kati as very compassionate but at the same time very direct. .

    The Dig Deeper class was an absolute win for me to improve my digging-skills. I feel much more structured, clear and much more efficient.
    Thank you very much for your supervision, Kati!


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