ThetaHealing Schweiz Aufbauseminar Zürich I Kati Mekler

ThetaHealing Adavenced Class

3 days

In the ThetaHealing Advenced class, you will learn more about the wonderful ThetaHealing methods, which can facilitate deep changes. The ThetaHealing Advanced class is balm for our souls.

Learn how to heal a broken heart, a broken soul to be able to feel deep love. And we will give 500 wonderful feelings to your subconscious.



In the ThetaHealing® Advanced class, we will deepen all knowledge from the basic class and compliment them with new methods. We also will practice sessions individually and in pairs, so you can acquire more practical skills and become more certain in your readings cooperating with the power of creation.

We will work with your cellular consciousness, so you are able to receive and take on unknown feelings via your receptors. You will learn about additional important information and get help to expand your knowledge. Receive over 500 believes for you subconscious to go up to 7th plane easily to make wonderful changes for yourself and others.


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  • You will learn how self-love and self-acceptance feel like from the highest plane of existence.
  • You learn how to resolve trauma and drama.
  • Learn how to communicate with your higher self - and reach your goals more easily.
  • You will learn how you identify and change core-beliefs in your subconscious faster.
  • Your subconscious will receive more than 500 wonderful feelings for personal growth.
  • You will learn how to let go of resentment, refusal and regret.
  • Release yourself from oaths, vows and old obligations that are no longer serving you.
  • You will learn how to energetically cleanse rooms and how you can charge your food with the highest energy possible.
  • You learn the ThetaHealing® method to heal a broken soul, heal a broken heart and how you can send yourself or others love and healing for the baby in the womb.

The ThetaHealing® Advanced Class in Zurich is 70% practical work.

Theta Healing Class: Growing Your Relationship with God

ThetaHealing® Basic class

Date and time:
Friday – Sunday,
10am – 4pm


CHF 650.–   I  € 557.-
including all material used in the class

ThetaHealing® certificate and class material:
You will receive the official manual in english, Vianna Stibals book “ThetaHealing Advanced” and the official certificate of  Vianna Stibals ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

ThetaHealing Aufbauseminar Zürich Kati Mekler


  • Susanne

    Reply Reply 19. Februar 2018

    I really liked the class and I feel more healed. I am so happy that I learned new tools, which I can use for myself and others. Thank you, dear Kati. Susanne

  • Andy

    Reply Reply 19. Februar 2018

    Very good, Kati explains well, is compassionate and knew the answers to all of the questions, she gives clear answers.

    I felt seen and fully accepted. My expectations were exceeded and I wanted to dive deeper and deeper into the matter. Andy

  • Mariela

    Reply Reply 19. Februar 2018

    Like the Basic-class –> Amazing! A SPA-weekend for the soul!

    I was able to clarify questions that came up after the basic-class. The downloads were really cool and the amount of possible downloads were really helpful. Thank you! 🙂Mariela

  • Brigitte

    Reply Reply 19. Februar 2018

    The advanced class touched me even deeper. All these wonderful feelings, that I was able to experience.

    Finally I can believe in miracles again and send unconditional love to myself.

    Thank you Kati ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Maja

    Reply Reply 19. Februar 2018

    Dear Kati,

    You arranged the Theta Healing Advanced class creatively, professional and with lots of practical exercises. It helped me a lot to look at the different areas of my life and identify what can be improved.

    I am so happy that I have met you and that I could spend 3 amazing days with you and the group. With love, Maja ❤

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