The unique ThetaHealing® program for kids. Train the intuition of your children. So they can spread their wings and live their full potential. 

ThetaHealing Regenbogenkinder Seminar Zürich - Rainbow Children Kurs Theta Healing

ThetaHealing Rainbow children class

4 days (in the morning or in the afternoon)

Children have a very easy access to their intuition. To preserve and train this intuition, creates so many wonderful opportunities to unfold their potential. Within 5 days they will learn how to use their special gifts in a playful way.

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The Theta Healing Rainbow children class was created by Vianna Stibal to help us to get access to our potential within, our ,,rainbow qualities''. Discover with joy, astonishment and children's eyes the endless possibilities of life! For children & adults. 

  • Children can participate in this class without any prerequisites. They are able to access and rediscover their intuitive abilities in a playful way. Adults need at least the Basic- and Advanced class......
  • The rainbow class is a hands-on preparation for the DNA3 class. This is flying for adults.
  • Would you like to expand your senses and abilities, train and improve them? Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of the ectoplasmic world?
  • Who and what is a rainbow child? Can you become a rainbow child?
  • Many many wonderful exercises to train your psychic abilities. Playing for children and adults.
  • How can you distinguish between your feeling and the feelings of other people?
  • Learn how to see chakras and aura and learn how to change them.
  • Learn how to send thoughts to others and how to read other peoples mind.
  • The power of crystals: It is time for crystal balls, fairies and elementals. Pure magic - and we also take a photo of this, so you can see them with your physical eyes.
  • Learn how to use the power of crystals.
  • Communicate with plants, essential oils, elementals and nature spirits ... let's invite some fairies.
  • Communicate with animals.
  • I love i: What are spirit animals. You will meet your spirit animal during a shamanic drum ritual.
  • Engel Readings - Talk to your guardian angel.
  • How to communicate with a law (and how this can be helpful)
  • How to move an item with the power of your mind. Now everything get's moving.
  • How to remember your future (Pure magic, allow the little ones to impress you!)

Get more, pay less?

If you book 2 or more classes at once (in one booking), we give you a discount. That means you get the full Kati-Programme but save money at the same time.

To get the discount while you are booking the classes you like, just use the voucher-codes:

  • Book 2 classes at the same time = You save 70.- € --- voucher-code: 2-seminare
  • Book 3 classes at the same time = You save 120.- € --- voucher-code: 3-seminare
  • Book 4 classes at the same time = You save 196.- € --- voucher-code: 4-seminare

ThetaHealing Class Rainbow Children

For adults: ThetaHealing Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper - CHILDREN know everything their need. They won't need prerequisites.

Monday - Thursday
morning or afternoon

At your place, in play school, in nature. Wherever you like.

Children: CHF 350.- I € 299.-
Adults: CHF 850.- I € 725.-

Possible family-price on request. If you organize a class, you will participate for free.

ThetaHealing Regenbogenkinder Seminar Zürich - Rainbow Children Kurs Theta Healing

ThetaHealing® Certificate and material:
You will get the official class manual and the official certificate of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

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  • Maria

    Reply Reply 13. März 2018

    I really enjoyed this class a lot. Kati is very authentic and clear, it is nice to listen to her. The class is fun and we laughed a lot. Thanks for everything Kati !!

    Nochmal allerliebste Grüsse zu dir ins Warme…bei uns gehts Richtung Früüüühling, Juhuuuuu.

  • Stefan

    Reply Reply 13. März 2018

    The class was really wonderful. Kati is a very structured and loving instructor. The ,tasks‘ were always explained very well and when some questions arise, she was always able to answer them.

  • Claudia

    Reply Reply 13. März 2018

    The class was just wonderful. Lots of information, but easy and lovingly thought by Kati. Very pleasant.

  • Susan

    Reply Reply 13. März 2018

    Very interesting and an exciting journey. Good class material.

    You presented the information so it was easy to understand. Thanks a lot from my heart

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