After this 1 day class, you will see the nature around you with totally different eyes. 

ThetaHealing Planzenseminar Zürich - Pflanzen Kurs Theta Healing

ThetaHealing Plant Class

1 day

How do plants communicate? How can you use their healing powers even more effective? And how do plants communicate with you?


In a discussion with the creator, Vianna Stibal asked which being is the most enlightened one on this planet at the current time and the answer was: A tree. Not Buddha. Not Jesus. A tree. Truly fascinating.

  • Discover their language, the togetherness and how those highly intelligent networks work
  • Find out why each and every of your thoughts impact the plants in your home
  • Learn how you can feel the essence of plants, trees and flowers – so you know what exactly they nee to flourish
  • Why are we drawn naturally into nature and how we can recharge our energy there
  • Use the knowledge of plants and their wisdom of centuries
  • Learn how to cleanse nature from radiation and environmental toxins
  • Discover how to heal your gardens soil and prepare it for ecological and organic farming
  • Learn how how plants can recognize your feelings, why they need attention too and how they actually communicate with us
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Plant Class


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At your place, in your area or in another nice location around the globe

CHF 390.- I € 333.-

ThetaHealing® Certificate and materials:
You will receive the official class manual and the official certificate of ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.