Why Students Love Theta Healing Classes with Kati Mekler


  • Bettina

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Dear Kati,
Thank you so much for the fantastic class. 
From the beginning on, I always felt good with you and the group. You give us a warm feeling of being welcome. Thank you for this! 

    Technical – what to say – just great, very confident, you know exactly what you are talking about.
I am already looking forward to the next class with you!!!

  • Nancy

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Dear Kati

    it is difficult to find words and sentences to describe how  wonderful you are leading every single one of your classes.

    I want to thank you „en plus“ for your individual assistance every time. 

    What I always find exciting is the amazing Theta-Community that is around you. The feeling of connection, the feeling of everyone having similar goals, it is just nice.

    Thank you for your tireless dedication and the inspiration, you give us by being the best example one can imagine.

  • Gianna

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Very uplifting and informative, very intense. Pleasant class structure. 
I loved Kati’s authenticity and honesty, her pleasant and calm attitude. The practical examples from her daily life were very interesting as well. 

  • Silvia

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Especially the revelation and exchange of beliefs were very helpful. The practical examples and the togetherness with other participants was really good as well. 
Thank you!

  • Eliza

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Wonderful! terrific! Kati you are so wonderful, refreshing, humorous. WOW! xxx

  • Iris

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    Very informative and practically focused (many examples). A lovingly and easily explained step-by-step Introduction into Theta. I felt very held and taken care of. Thank you a lot!

  • Susanne

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    In short: Thank you, I am thrilled 
I felt exactly in the right place. Super, we got many important insights.

  • Simone

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    – absolutely interesting
    – very informative
    – Kati is a wonderful person, she passes on knowledge in a exciting, impressive and humorous way.  
    – there was never a dull moment with her
    – 3 day passed rapidly
    – until now, it was the most exciting class so far. 
    – I will book classes with Kati again for sure. 

  • Monika

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    I liked the class a lot. It was very well planned and structured. Well-grounded and passed on to us with lots of love and laughter. I am very motivated and and practiced a lot daily during the class days. I am looking forward to move on onto my path and to the upcoming classes. I feel so much enthusiasm and curiosity. Thank you so much for your loving supervision.

  • Katharina

    Reply Reply 20. März 2018

    It was a wonderful experience for me. I learned so much, thank you Kati. You teach us all in such a playful way, with ease and joy. Everything was clear and structured. Keep going and thanks again from the bottom of my heart. 

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