Learn how to energetically cleanse animals, support them when they are sick and how to communicate with them on a totally new level.  

Theta Healing Tierkommunikation - ThetaHealing Seminar Zürich

ThetaHealing Animal class

2 days

Discover why and how animals heal us humans. Learn how to heal an animal, clear their energy, release their fears. To be together with love.

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Animals are one of our closest friends. They are part of our family. Some of them even part of our soulfamily. Learn how to heal your animal. Get their lost soul-fragments back. For an even more loving relationship between you and your animal.  

  • Dive deep into the world of your animal, your pet, your animal patients. Find out why they behave in a certain way and how they are helping their owners with it.
  • Learn how to energetically cleanse animals off environmental toxins, but also from"thought-and emotional chaos" of their owners.
  • Learn how to facilitate healing for animals and how to use ThetaHealing in a powerful way.
  • Use the animal's name of the 7th plane - for a more powerful communication.
  • Learn how to connect to the past-life of an animal.
  • Get back any lost, swapped, given Soul-fragments of the animal.
  • Learn how an animal feels if their owner is sick and why also animals can become sick at the same time.
  • Learn how to work with animals that live with a sick owner

Animal class


ThetaHealing Basic-, Advanced- and Dig Deeper

Saturday - Sunday
10am - 5pm

At your place, in your area or any other nice location around the globe

CHF 650.– I € 557.-
including all materials used in the class


Tierkommunikation Theta Healing Kati Mekler ThetaHealing Zürich

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