Why Clients Love to Work with Kati:

Kati is an experieced Abundance Mentor. She combines powerful mental training techniques to help her clients get financially more successful while have love and joy in their lives. Kati is a mentor for coaches and healers who want to grow their healing business and she helps female entrepreneurs to level up their business. Implementing abundance on all levels.

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Feedback from Clients”


1. Stefan sagt:
Dear Kati,

The session on the phone was terrific.

After the session, I was totally released, it felt like a huge weight was taken from my shoulders. Since then I walk through life lighter and with more ease, obviously all blockages and beliefs had been resolved.

Many thanks for your pleasant and professional support, I am looking forward to our next session and send you my sincere wishes.


2. Regina sagt:
It is always so amazing how each session flows with you. It is unbelievable, how clever, skilled and sensed, you lead me onto the right path, what is surfacing and how ”right” it always feels. 
See you soon, dear Kati, I am looking forward to the next session


3. Thorsten sagt:
Dear Kati,

I am so happy that our paths have crossed.

Thank you so much for your emphatic way, your goal oriented coaching and solving of my blockages. I am so happy for all the positive changes.



4. Charlotte sagt:
Kati’s way of working is very efficient and goal oriented. With lightning speed, she finds the core issue and leads lovingly and at the same time professionally through the process. I absolutely feel held and safe. I strongly recommend Kati to everyone, who is ready to work on themselves and their issues. I am super happy that I found Kati.


5. Mirella sagt:
Dear Kati

I am always stunned of what I am able to discover and experience through you and ThetaHealing!
Your class-content and coachings create a strong basis for my inner self. With this wonderful tool, I can go even deeper inside, connect more intensely with myself and perform quantum leaps to open my inner potential.

I am deeply grateful that I have met you and received such a wonderful gift! 
Your classes and coachings are absolutely recommendable and are addictive.


6. Gabriela sagt:
Horray! After only 2 sessions with Kati, I have much more clients than before.

Even if I know all the basics to help myself, I was not able to see my ”blind-spots”. 
Luckily there are incredibly gifted ThetaHealer like Kati: Within 2 sessions Kati guided me through the jungle of my subconscious, so I could see the reasons why I was blocking out more clients.

She did it clear, loving and very efficient. 
During the sessions I felt held and therefore was able to see all the belief-patterns – that was very valuable. Through Kati, I received the exact right programs and feelings, which attract more clients – just like that, without me doing anything. I am flowing, so nice!

Thank you Kati, from heart to heart


7. Martin sagt:
Kati is an exceptionally gifted therapist – highly sensible, clear, loving and very precise in what she is doing.
Within the first session, I was able to leave a lot of limiting beliefs behind. My life moves since then in a very good direction – with ease and joy.

Sincere thanks, dear Kati


8. Riki sagt:
Kati is a very loving and caring therapist. One can feel safe and held, also when the session goes deep and a lot of pain arises. She opens the clients eyes and supports also with practical tipps. After each and every session, I feel a bit lighter, more clear as if she lifted a veil.

Thank you so much, dear Kati!!!


9. Isa sagt:
Dear Kati, the session with you was absolutely stunning! 
It was the best Theta-session, which I ever experienced and this I can say being a ThetaHealer myself who had many sessions with other practitioners. 
You show with lots of love, understanding and ease what can be possible, if one let go of any issues and old patterns. 
I am already looking forward to many more sessions with you and to the resulting progress.

This is ThetaHealing-deluxe !


10. Claudia sagt:
My experiences with other Theta Healer show that Kati is really an exception in her profession.

She works efficiently and get’s surprising results when it comes to the underlying issues, which I rarely experienced anywhere else. If you want to experience a first-class Theta-session, should book with Kati.


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