Detox Your Life - The Team:

We are here for you. Our Theta-team helps you to pursue the life of your dreams. To live more healthy. To experience more joy. Love is the way. We are looking forward to work with you. 

ThetaHealing nach Vianna Stibal: Kati Mekler Theta Healing Zürich, Deutschland, Mallorca

Kati Mekler - Abundance Coach

Love. Joy. Happiness.

  • Through her mentoring program, Kati helps Coaches to built their own successful healing-business. You can book your initial, free phone call to find out if the program is for you.
  • Kati shows you how to resolve success-blocks and limitations and how you can call your promised people into your life.
  • Love and joy are essential for us to become successful. Part of it is, to express our full femininity: Get more fulfillment in your relationship and sex-life. Learn how to love with all your heart. Without the fear of getting hurt.
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ThetaHealing Isabell Scholl - Detox Your Life

Isabell Scholl - Life Balance Coach

Balance. Harmony. Bliss.

  • Isabell supports you to release suppressed emotions, fears and inner conflicts to re-balance and align your system spiritually, mentally and physically.
  • Get back to your own natural essence in an easy and effortless way, connect to your inner wholeness and harmony. When we are fully aligned with our selfs, we can master our daily life, our challenges and obstacles with ease and joy.
  • For more physical well-being, mental clarity, happiness and balance on a new level.
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