Kati Mekler: Love. Joy. Happiness.

When was it the last time that you reached for the stars? Or that you lay on the beach at night, breathing in the vastness of the starry sky? Your life is a mirror of your unconscious thoughts.

My philosophy of life: Love. Joy. Bliss.

I help women to live their full potential. For their individual fulfillment. To work their way up the job ladder. To make their business successful.
I travel around the world and support people worldwide on their individual journey towards more zest of life, more moments of pure bliss and the acceptance and expression of pure love.
My mission is simply: To make other people happy. To bring more love into this world.
I help other coaches to built a healing-business. Because I did this already very successfully. To share my knowledge is one of my greatest joys.

Reach for the stars.

I know that everything is possible. That we can get everything in life, what we want.

Yes. It is true. You can create your life according to your dreams. By using the power of your mind. With the power of your subconscious mind. By having a deep connection with yourself. With the right MENTOR, you can actively create the GREATEST VERSION of your life.

I, myself have created my life completely new, I re-created it. That means every aspect of it. My private life. My health. My professional life. In love.

Today, as Abundance Coach for business women and women, who seek a great career and a fulfilled life, I work worldwide. I help my clients to gain more SELF-CONFIDENCE, more VISIBILITY and more CLARITY about themselves, their plans and therefore about their future.

I help women to do what they really love and at the same time to create a great version of their dreams. For your successful business. For your career. So you have more money and time for all the things you want to experience. For the fulfillment of your dreams.

I help you to gain clarity. About the powerful steps you can take. So you can start to take actions. And we will transform the deeply-rooted beliefs, developed from PAST TRAUMA and fears. For a completely new level of SELF-LOVE and SELF-WORTH.

Because it is all about, you living your FULL POTENTIAL. So you are able to leave footprints in this world.

I know how the big changes in life are made
*** cause I went through them ***

After 7 years as a successful marketing expert, I knew it was time for my own business. So to speak: from being an employed marketing manager to a business woman.

The successful buildup of Detox Your Life with over 80’000 visitors each month. Including the publication of 2 books. That is: Visibility. To make yourself seen and visible.

I work with wonderful women worldwide. I accompany them on their journey to further improve their career and business. Resolve their limiting beliefs and celebrate their success together with them. In short: Making others happy and successful.

A 12-minute-divorce from my wonderful ex-husband. Without a war of roses, but in deep friendship. The decision: No more compromises in life. 100% love and passion.

I left the cold and foggy Zurich behind, to live an exciting and fulfilling Beach LifeStyle . In Cala Ratjada, Mallorca, Ibiza, Miami, Thailand. So to speak: A fulfilled life. Do what YOU want.

Today I have a big six-figure annual income. Abundance on all levels. Financial success, which makes it possible for me to live all around the globe, to work, to love and enjoy life.

In the last years, I touched the life of over 12’000 people. Through coachings. Through classes. Through talks. Through events. Through online coaching programs. And I still love to read the feedback of my clients. It makes me happy. Because I witness that everything is possible.

Cala Ratjada, my second home. I love this magical place.

Today I dedicate my life to Soul Detox & Mind Detox.

Since years, detox takes up a huge role in my life. It cured me. Inspired me. But detox is much more than body detox. It only starts there. The real detox takes place in the heart. In our soul. In our subconscious. Then, everything is possible.

Where ever you are at in your life: It is possible to change that. To improve it. To intensify. What if, you could feel more love and joy in your life, in a matter of weeks? Work less for the same (or better) results? If you could experience pure bliss. Arrive fully and completely within you. In deep inner peace. With yourself. With your journey. With your being. With your true essence. With the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’. Without judgement. In love. Clarity. Connection.

You can change your income. I have done it myself. As coach I started from zero. Today – 2 years later – I have a high six-figure annual income. Already after 12 month, I made 30’000.- a month. It is only a question of the right mind-set.

You can change your feelings, you can experience deep inner magical feelings. Fall in love with yourself. You can treat yourself with trips to the most wonderful places on earth. You can manifest your clients and you can live the relationship, you really want. Intimate. Pure. Passionate. Shaped by deep connection. You can have everything. What would you like?

My heart-inspired project: Mindfulness for Children

Everyone of us has a WHY. A deep motivation, which drives them forward.

I knew it for a long time. And I was ready. For something truly big.

With Mindfulness for Children we change the world for children, that have gone through difficult times. Children that grew up in shattered families, that grew up in difficult circumstances, which had to go through a tough upbringing.

We visit schools to facilitate – of course – Detox Your Mind. We show them how to use the power of their subconscious mind in a way that is appropriate for children. We show them that they can do anything. That they are allowed to dream big. We show them how to meditation to activate their inner power. How to be more balanced, confident and self-assured. And we do all of this with joy. Laughter. Love.

I love it. It makes my heart sing. It makes me dance. It brings up tears of joy. And this is what our soul wants: Deep. Real. Heartfelt. Feelings. Pure. Life. Now.


Because, I wish for you to find YOUR WHY as well. To feel the bliss within you. To have love flowing around you. So you can go your own way.

Emotional Detox: The power of your subconscious

I am a certified ThetaHealing® Master, Instructor & holder of the Certificate of Science. As well I am trained in NLP and alpha-synaptic-programming and I apply this knowledge in my coachings. For your success. I invested more than 150’000.- in my trainings and education. Until today, I supported over 13’000 people in targeting their goals.

I teach the complete list of ThetaHealing classes, you can find them on the overview page for classes. But I also do individual coaching sessions and classes. For individuals, entrepreneurial families, friends, who would like to grow and develop together.

ThetaHealing is one method. There are many helpful methods. It is the mentor that makes the difference. Everyone can write, few write bestseller. It is the same with healing- or mental-techniques. I mastered the art of how to transform thoughts and I show my clients how they can reach their goals faster, with more love and ease. If you are looking for a mentor, who lives what is thought and coached, I welcome you!

The following ThetaHealing classes are offered as a private service for entrepreneurial families and people with an elevated requirement for privacy. Some of the classes are offered publicly as well:

ThetaHealing® Basic: How to change your feelings
Advanced,& Dig Deeper: How to use the power of your subconscious actively with intent
Game of Life: Create abundance in all areas of your life
Rhythm – weight(R)evolution: Discover to love your body and let the magic begin
Manifesting and Abundance: How to make your dreams come true
Soul Mate: Manifest your soulmate and release the fear of love
World Relations: The ultimate success-class for healer with the right focus
Intuitive Anatomy: Emotional detox for the whole body
DNA3: The impossible doesn’t exist. Everything is possible.
Growing Your Relationship: Deep love. Passion. Dedication. Connection.
Growing Your Relationship with Creator: For a deeper connection to creation
More so I am trained in NLP, Quantum Healing, Matrix, Alpha-Synaptic-Programming.

Plus 7 years of marketing knowledge and experience as marketing manager and leader. My experience and knowledge is applied during the Business coaching sessions.

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