The myth lives. As always with myths. Until it understands a critical mass of people and changes something.

The same goes for the meat myth. The protein myth. It is crumbling. What I think is great. Less and less believe the tales of the dairy industry and the „animal-killing-for-healthy-meat“ industry.

Why should meat be unhealthy now? And what about the protein?

There are always reports from so-called experts that an adequate supply of protein or proteins is important for our body.

In order to meet the great demand for protein, we should eat animal products. So the German society for nutrition (DGE). (Small note: who pays them? Where does the money flow? Questioning „authorities,“ make your own thoughts.) The only one who cares about your health: Are you. Others want your money first.)

Why albumen should be so important:

  • For the muscles and bones.

The DGE recommends a daily intake of 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight.

  • That makes 56 g of protein at a body weight of 70 kg.
  • Well, that’s a number now, what does that mean in comparison?
  • 100g bratwurst contains about 14 g of protein
  • 100 g of apples contain about 0.3 g of protein.
  • Legumes, algae or hemp seeds (my favorite) provide significantly more protein than fruits or vegetables.

Yes, the amount recommended by the DGE is easier to achieve with animal products. But: how did you even come to this value? Why does it have to be exactly 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight?

  • Take care when specifying general standards and guidelines.
  • Ask yourself: who did the study? And who paid for it? And who benefits from the result?
  • And how much money is there in the actions that derive from the study?

A guideline for all? Are all the same? All the same fit, thin, healthy, vital, sick, smart, …? Honestly? Do we all have the same life circumstances?

  • In addition: In infancy, ie in the period in which we grow the most percentages, we get our protein from the mother’s milk.
  • Does not the recommended amount of 50-70 g of protein per day have to be questioned?
  • Why?
  • Because the mother’s milk consists only to 2.63% of amino acids (ie protein building blocks) exists !!!
  • 2.63% of breast milk.
  • If one assumes that when we are fully grown, we will not need so much protein anymore, it will be enough if our diet consists of approximately 1% protein in adulthood.
  • With 1 kg of food that would be just 10 g of protein.
  • 10 g instead of 50-70 g.
  • And the question is: how much less than a baby do we really need? That it is no longer, is probably undisputed.

We cover this need of 10 g by playing. Even without animal products.

  1. Also in fruit, vegetables and cereals is protein.
  2. We do not need to worry about protein deficiency.
  3. Except we are Leistungssporter. Real competitive athlete. No recreational athletes.

What about vegetarians and vegans? Do they fall from the meat?

Vegetarians and vegans are advised to use additional products to balance the necessary amount of substances contained in animal food. To prevent a deficiency.

Well. You can. For example, with hemp seeds, which are wonderfully delicious. But you do not have to. The need for amino acids is sufficiently covered by fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Especially in lentils and beans is high quality protein. For better digestibility should be eigeweicht always about 8 hours.

Did you actually know ….

that before our body can absorb protein, it must break down the protein into its smallest constituents?

Since one is not so well served with animal protein, because:

  1. The digestion of animal protein always causes uric acid.
  2. Uric acid is exhausting for our body and can cause us all kinds of damage, such as gout, osteoporosis, stomach stones or gallstones.
  3. Eating too much protein (especially animal food) puts a strain on our kidneys because ammonia is released for digestion.
  4. This leads to an imbalance of our acid-base balance.

Fait: In a varied rveganen diet, our body gets enough protein. And for this statement – with which you can hardly make money, because vegetables are cheap compared to meat – there are enough experts who show that it is possible without animals. Things are better, for example Dr. Neal Barnard or dr. Campbell (China Study).

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