Hello dear ones, since my first detox book is available in the bookstore (eg here at Amazonbuy detox your life book from Kati here ) I get 50-90 emails every day with inquiries about how to get the „emotional part behind overweight and cravings“ can solve.

Since I have the first ThetaHealing appointments by phone at 9 o’clock in the morning and often work until 8 o’clock in the evening, it is probably logical that I can not answer all emails … so I take the easiest way – so that you all get an answer.

One thing I have  learned through ThetaHealing :

My time is holy. I need breaks. I stop working when my „day’s work“ is done and I do not work anymore after 8pm … that’s also a matter of self-love …

  • Am I worth it for myself to leave some work?
  • Am I even worth keeping emails unanswered?
  • Am I worth it for others to pay for my help?
  • You learn that better with time and it is quite liberating.

It has never been so clear to me that this will cost me a lot of energy if I take myself for any time and in the end no time for me. I was only able to „learn“ a few weeks ago so after a few 60-hour weeks I got sick … and had to cancel all appointments for 1 week.

1 week does not work means a week no money, if you are self-employed. That means ¼ less income per month. That is not so funny. And there I noticed: there are limits. You can not always help others and not take time for yourself.

Since that’s over: When I was well again, I diligently made ThetaHealing on the subject and the result: more time. Less working hours. More energy. More balance.

After all, taking and giving must balance each other … the goal is always the balance. (Ok, for those who know me better … I still love the extremes, but yeah … I’m ready for balance 🙂 at least in many areas).

So how does that relate to the emotional background of cravings , binge eating, obesity and kilos that just do not want to tumble ? Do our emotions play a role? But hello. Naturally.

Would we even resort to chocolate if we felt deeply and intimately and universally loved?

Would we really need the chocolate or chips if we could lower our stress level by itself?

Or would celebrate enough, would do enough sports to stare at us … let it crack, „let it out“?

When we are totally in balance (or at least for a good part of the time), so is our weight. That settles then everything by itself – ok, unless you eat unhealthy, but that is also logical. If this is still an issue, just join the online course , you can change your diet step by step . That’s easy, healthy and goes without stress.

It has over a hundred mouth-watering recipes that will never make you bored, but it’s also just as good to implement when you go out to eat. So: If you do not lose weight despite „effort“, keep gaining weight and feeling unwell, then look at your emotions.

I used to try a lot, all sorts of methods, a lot of entertainment and did not work. I did not look for ThetaHealing personally, but it „found me“.

It’s very exciting what’s behind our eating habits. And one thing is clear: it is always something other than what we think at first.

Hot hunger, eating bites and co are my favorite topics (ok, I have many favorite topics … I admit). It is very often about self-esteem and self-love … and when we have found the real, the true, the deeper cause, then a lot changes.

I love watching my clients change over the course of a session. What comes free.

Yes, it can be exhausting sometimes. Yes, you also have to cry for a while. But it’s not like the „Striptease Psycho Coach Appointments“ (as I imagine), where you have to bathe in misery all the time and the coach says in the end, „Well, see you next week „And you sit there like a heap of misery. ThetaHealing is different.

We are looking for the cause, yes. We are looking, yes. But we do not dwell in pain. I do not have to know all your drama to help you. Important are the feelings. We change that.

Just take a look at the feedback from customers who posted it: to Naturalife.ch , feedback on Katis ThetaHealing work .

If you want to know, what exactly is behind your thirst and overweight – or even better (that would be my suggestion) to change it, then come over or let us call  (you can book a free introductory phone call , directly in the diary on the website) ,

ThetaHealing works via phone as well as personally. It is important that you trust your coach, you feel comfortable with her and apart from that she has enough training in ThetaHealing (eg the Intuitive Anatomy, which changes the work of a coach again very much, then it goes much faster).

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yes, it is quite booked, but that’s very nice. But a free date for you is always. And you can book it online directly: To the diary

You will also receive an email directly afterwards with the appointment to confirm, you can enter the appointment with a click in your calendar. And get a reminder email one day before the appointment … and then we’ll see each other. And change whatever you want to change.

I’m happy for you.

All the best