Here are many delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes: Delicious Detox Smoothie Recipes . And you’ve probably already tried many of your own. And sometimes – it just does not taste like it. So what? And why is that?

Help, my Green Smoothie does not taste good

In the beginning you have to experiment a bit. Try different detox smoothie recipes. Because it may well be that your first detox smoothie tastes grassy, ​​bitter or spicy.

Check out the Detox Smoothie Recipes: Detox Smoothie Recipes

The most important thing in advance:

  • Especially if you overdo it with leafy greens – and especially wild herbs like dandelion – the detox smoothie sometimes does not taste good.
  • Be moderate. Do not take too much green!
  • Do not panic if it does not taste. Just change the composition. First, take more fruit and increase the amount of leaf green only gradually … get your taste buds to the new taste.

Is not your detox smoothie recipe sweet enough?

If your detox smoothie is not as sweet as you would like: Add more ripe (!) Fruit.

  • banana
  • mango
  • nectarines
  • Medjool dates (very sweet and full of iron, potassium and calcium)

Very important:
Always use only very mature Obs t. Only ripe fruits are sweet. A rock hard mango is just not ripe.

And do not forget: If you want to lose weight, you should not overdo it with the sweet fruits and dates.

Does your detox smoothie recipe taste too grassy, ​​too „green“?

Try adding some citrus flavor!

  • oranges
  • Lemons
  • lime

Citrus fruits soften the intense taste of green smoothies for grass and greenery. Especially with chard leaves this can happen.

You can calm the fruits with the bowl in the blender. Do not take too much, usually a small piece, 1/4 or 1/8 is enough. Depending on how much smoothie you are doing.

Herbs are also great

  • lemon balm
  • mint
  • lemon thyme

They bring freshness to the smoothie and give it a great taste.

Does your detox smoothie recipe taste too bitter?

This can happen if we use too much leafy greens in the green smoothie.

  • Take a very ripe passion fruit, it will blow you away. This is an amazingly sweet and sour taste. Do you have to try it?
  • If you do not hate passion fruit, try ginger. He is so fresh and hot. It peps up every ruined smoothie.

Is your detox smoothie tasty?

You need a high performance mixer? Yeah, that’s really true … for really good detox smoothies you need one.

Otherwise they often taste fibrous. And that is not very cool. Vitamix is ​​definitely the best high-performance mixer , here are more tips to blender for green smoothies .

Tips for your perfect detox smoothie:

  1. Look at the detox smoothie recipes. And find out how much leafy green you want to start.
  2. Just do it. Take only a few ingredients . Too many ingredients confuse and not everything tastes good together. Usually 2 types of fruit and 1-2 leaf greens are enough . Or even less …
  3. Let your mixer run long enough . If you do not mix your new detox smoothie long enough, that will not be fine enough. There are no leaves left in it. Pooh. It should be creamy, fine and delicious!
  4. Enjoy ice cold. Yummy … The long mix makes the detox smoothie a bit warmer. But warm smoothie really does not taste great. So: crushed ice to, ice cubes in . Mix with. And you can enjoy your detox smoothie recipe nice and cool.
  5. Do only the pure, whatever else you eat well . If you do not like blueberries (I can not stand them), then let them out of your detox smoothie recipe too. There are so many other delicious fruits and leafy greens.
  6. Already said many times. But so important: Take only a little leaf green . Get used to it slowly. Start with a fruit-leaf green ratio of 60% fruit to 40% green. It should taste good!
  7. Want a really creamy detox smoothie : I like it very much (I also like it the most). Add avocado or mango or banana. For example, half an avocado or a whole mango (I love it) just afterwards. Mix well. Finished.

Here is a delicious Green Smoothie recipe for beginners:

1 mango + 2 handful of corn salad + a little water

Here are some more Detox Smoothie Recipes: Detox Smoothie Recipes .

All the best

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