Is Detox healthy in pregnancy? As always, it depends. In a hard-core detox cure, a lot of toxins can be released in your body. You certainly will not like that for your baby. Instead, make Soft Detox, Easy Detox.

Eat basic . Rather, adjust your diet slowly and sustainably. What does your baby benefit from 7 days of detox? That’s more stress than benefit. But your baby will benefit enormously from a healthy diet.

Detox in pregnancy: How to do it?

  1. Eat basic
  2. Reduce gluten
  3. Let milk and Co. go
  4. Reduce sugar

Complicated? Sounds like that, that’s right. But it is not. For example, join the online course on diet change and detox. There you will learn how you can eat healthy day by day. Without starving, without releasing too many toxins and without harming you or your baby. Take it slow.

Here you can find all the information about the online course on nutrition change and detoxing: Zum Kurs

A nice thing to get more nutrients „in the body“ are also Detox juices. They are ideal to provide you and your baby with good nutrition … as well as green smoothies.

Here you can find more information about green juices and smoothies:

In the online course on nutrition change , we look at each other one by one. This is Detox in pregnancy that will do you and your baby well.

  1. Your breakfast
  2. Your lunch
  3. Your dinner
  4. Little simple detox tips for every day
  5. The bad boys of the diet … and how you can replace them healthy
  6. Delicious Detox Recipes for Everyday.
  7. And for all reading lazy: All information also as podcasts to listen to them on the go.
  8. With unlimited access … because finally you need the opportunity to try over 130 recipes .

Have a nice week.

All the best