Purification can be so easy. That’s my motto. Because I do not like complicated or expensive or expensive detox treatments.

Detox goes by the way, is cheap and fun … or does not even stand out.

And when Mr. Ruzicka from the Freya publishing house asked me last year if we did not even want to do a book together (or a book series), of course I was fired up.

Why „natural“?

I love books. Ever since I was little. I like the feel. The reading experience. And I’ve always wanted to write a book … and then, a bit after I started using ThetaHealing, the request came from Freya Publishing. How nice. Coincidence? Oh yes. Probably not, because my detox blog and the online course on nutrition change has been around for some time.

ThetaHealing has changed my life, this is again a small wonderful part of what happens when you get into its flow. People find you. It happens, what you want.

And my first detox book is here …. so nice. And yes – it feels wonderful. Here you get yours:
To Amazon – Kati’s book: Detox – 77x simply detoxify

The nice thing, while you read the detox book, is my second book already in the editorial … speak in the final spurt to the printing house. And I’m really looking forward to the second Detox book coming out soon – this time a very comprehensive one for those who want to know exactly and also want to know how to „examine their emotions“ (Go Theta, laugh).

Since I do ThetaHealing for myself and work intensively every week with others, it flows. Everything fits. Because the beauty … as a coach, I’m around 8 hours a day with my customers in the theta state … that’s very nice for our body.

By the way, he always diligently confirmed that my cells feel 29 years old …

With kinesiology tests we can always see what our subconscious mind thinks …. and yes, with ThetaHealing we can also work on cell rejuvenation (A cool story). And since I found 29 more attractive than being 34 … I worked regularly with the creator on my DNA … had the chromosomes „adapted“ … and yes, today my subconscious mind believes it’s 28 (meanwhile) another year younger, grins).

Is that spinning? Maybe for one or the other. I do not care.

But crucially, our subconscious controls and 90% of the day (or more) ….

So if our minds make up only 10% … then I prefer it when my subconscious says „Hey, Kati is 28“ …

If my head (or others) then say „On paper you are 34.“ Then I’m a bit dizzy … because why should I get upset when I have the giant behind me … I intend to Do not be scared of the mouse.

Because that’s it:

Your subconscious mind is huge, it has a huge power … and we can „reprogram“ it … and so it’s always superior to the results of our minds. Very cool, right?

If we do not like something in the subconscious ? Let’s change it. It’s safe and easy with ThetaHealing. The depth of the change is always determined by the customer …. because, as a ThetaHealer , you see the full potential of the other. But if you’re ready to get the full potential out of your life, you decide.

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