A nice surprise in the evening … the Active Woman has a double page about me in her latest issue.

Kati Mekler detox

And here’s the article … I have to read it myself … but „Booboo“ is constantly in my room … she has looked, that I also have access to the cool treats and obviously recognized my big heart 🙂 … and now she flatters me with her fluffy poodle skin …

Kati Mekler detox

And because I’ve withheld from you „normal“ detox tips for so long, here are my 2 power tips:

  1. Buy Bentonite. This clears out the toxins
  2. Take psyllium husk powder daily in a glass of water.

That’s Power Pure.

How exactly everything goes, is in the detox course, which currently costs only 19.95 euros. Why is it so cheap now? Well, frankly, because I like to make presents. And now that I get so much of the „Universe“, that’s my way of giving back.

The course does not cost more like a normal book. But so much more: checklists, podcasts, recipes … just take a look: here’s the online course and product recommendations for bentonite and psyllium husk powder if you want to know what I’m taking.

Soooo. And otherwise? Stand in front of the mirror: Say: „You are the most wonderful person I know.“ And see what happens.

All the best