Losing weight made easy? Well, it’s always work, but there is support:

These tips will help you lose weight and make your diet easier.

  1. Do not change all your eating behavior at once, otherwise you’ll overburden yourself quickly and maybe give up.
  2. Make your losing weight public . Tell family and friends. People who motivate you.
  3. Do not diet, but change your diet. Eat healthy food. Diets are prohibitions to which we hold ourselves for a short time. After that, everything is as before. And the yo-yo effect is guaranteed.
  4. A sensible conversion of your eating habits promises the greatest success. Once you have mastered this change, you will be able to maintain your ideal weight.
  5. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. This reduces your appetite.
  6. Do not buy when you are hungry. Otherwise you will quickly buy a lot of unhealthy stuff that is not on your shopping list.
  7. Keep a journal and write down your diet, your feelings and goals. So you see what you have already achieved. That motivates.
  8. Take time to lose weight. Decide against crash diets . And for a sustainable and healthy diet change. Better slowly but successfully lose weight.
  9. Create an emergency plan for slips and old bad habits. Write down a list of activities you can do when the cravings come.
  10. Weigh yourself a maximum of once a week so as not to put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Weight fluctuations of a few kilograms are perfectly normal.
  11. Plan ahead. What will you eat at parties and during the holidays?
  12. Read a lot, for example here in the blog on healthy nutrition. Read about healthy eating. Not about losing weight. You want to get lean and stay healthy – that’s what healthy eating is all about. The more you know about losing weight and healthy food, the better you understand your body
  13. Write down everything you eat and drink for a week or two.
  14. Try new, healthy dishes and experiment with the ingredients. Look in the recipe blog over. There it only has healthy dishes. They are delicious, easy to cook and healthy. This helps you to develop a better feeling for your food.
  15. Eat slowly! Your feeling of fullness occurs after 20 minutes. That’s why slow food helps you lose weight.
  16. Set clearly formulated and realistic goals. They give you the direction and are therefore very important for your customer success.
  17. It can be very motivating if you buy a T-shirt or dress in a size smaller.
  18. Take small bites. And chew it properly. Enjoy your meal. And concentrate on the food, read no newspaper and do not watch television.
  19. Do not swallow your food , but chew it properly. This is important for your digestion.
  20. You do not have to eat everything. Develop a sense of the right portion size so you do not have to squash the leftovers. Or just put it in the fridge for tomorrow.
  21. Nurture you in a versatile and balanced way. Do not always eat the same thing. The more versatile your diet is, the better your body is supplied with nutrients.
  22. Be aware of how you feel about cravings . Often, feeling hungry makes you feel worse than before.
  23. The easiest way to get rid of unhealthy things, like chocolate, is to give it up completely for a few days. And then she only rarely and consciously eats. She enjoys.
  24. Take walks regularly. The exercise in the fresh air is good for your body. And she relaxes.

Why you should do something now:

  • The longer you wait, the greater the danger that you will never start.
  • Seek inspiration, someone who has already made it. A coach. A mentor.
  • Losing weight together is much easier. Implement your diet change together with girlfriends.
  • It takes 21 to 30 days to break an old habit. Say the old habit of letting go and replacing it with a new good healthy habit.
  • Never give up! No matter what happens. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Keep telling yourself over and over, „I can do it.“
  • And most importantly, be aware that you will only lose weight if you find and eliminate the real reasons for being overweight. Because the best nutrition and purification and sport do not help you if you do not look at your emotions and let go of worries. Otherwise you will always increase and have problems with your figure.

Best regards – Kati

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